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Engage Students with Space Education!

Engage and motivate students by connecting with their excitement about space! And.. reinvigorate your own love of teaching with a focus on a hopeful future.

You don’t have to be a science teacher… space education helps students meet the standards whatever your grade level or subject area. Your students don’t have to be STEM enthusiasts either… space is for everyone, even writers, artists, and athletes. The space economy is booming and you can help your students prepare to be part of humanity’s multiplanet future!

You may not be confident about talking to your students about space... but this course is designed to raise your awareness of what’s possible, and to give you the resources (and proven methods) you need to get results that speak for themselves.

The new cohort starts June 27 - and space is limited. Take 10 minutes right now to watch the overview video and REGISTER today.

Learn more about the ARES Learning approach in the book Space Education: Preparing Students for Humanity's Multi-Planet Future by our co-founder Dr. Mark Wagner, and explore a complete Space Education Curriculum developed for high schools - it's a free and open education resource available to students, teachers, and enthusiasts everywhere.

Educators, sign up for online professional development based on the book and curriculum. Space is limited and registration ends soon!

Join the free online Space Educator Network for ongoing resources and discussion.

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