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ARES Learning prepares students
for humanity’s multi-planet future.



Prepare our cadets to solve enormous challenges in any community - on any planet.

At ARES Learning, cadets build the knowledge, skills and mindsets necessary to navigate the great challenges of the future - on this planet or any other. ARES cadets emerge from their experience prepared for jobs that don't yet exist, to use technology that hasn't been invented, and to solve enormous problems we can't foresee. ARES prepares young people to become the designers, builders, philosophers and explorers of tomorrow.



Fundamentally disrupt and transform the global education system.

The recent pandemic has shown traditional schools are not only unprepared for the challenges of the future, they are unprepared for the challenges of today. ARES is the new model for global education that combines the Explorer's Mindset, Moonshot Thinking, and human-centered design... supported by bleeding edge technology and inspiring learning spaces. ARES places cadets at the center of solving enormous problems facing their communities - on this planet or any other. By design, ARES is a laboratory school meant to influence the true transformation of global education systems.


Enhance workforce development for the growing space industry.

By focusing on young space enthusiasts, ARES Learning is preparing not only the next generation of astronauts and engineers, but also the scientists, entrepreneurs, and leaders who will move the world’s space industries forward. ARES is also opening its doors to current space industry experts, allowing them the opportunity to shape the skill sets and mindsets of their future employees and successors - and allowing them the chance to network with the industry’s best and brightest while they do. Partnering with ARES is a powerful form of professional development for the adults involved.

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