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ARES is the Student Accelerator

ARES Learning engages students in the growing space economy through hands-on entrepreneurial education - from incubation through acquisition. 

ARES is also a startup accelerator. The school feeds the accelerator, which funds the school.

ARES fundamentally disrupts & transforms global education systems.

ARES is a free private school with a physical campus that fully replaces traditional school.



We Have Liftoff!

The Launchpad Curriculum provides a foundation of knowledge for all students who enter the Moonshot Laboratory, where they are asked "what problem do you want to solve?" and are encouraged to think bigger. 


The best projects from the Moonshot Lab enter directly into the ARES Accelerator, where they can be monitized and brought to market. Students receive the the support they need to launch and lead a company, and the guidance necessary to conduct themselves as founders when they approach venture capitalists for funding. 

The ARES Accelerator is a 12 week hands-on curriculum. This course is modeled after successful student accelerators at the university level, the most effective international startup acceleartors, and aerospace specific accelerators right here in Southern California. This process includes benchmarks for students to qualify for Investor Relations, and culminates with a final Demo Day before graduation.

All students learn the skill sets and mindsets of an entrepreneur. Some will see their company funded while attending ARES (or when they graduate), and in the following years some of those may experience an "exit event" and sell their company. With a pre-IP agreement in place from the beginning, the school retains a percentage of ownership and thus these individual financial successes also pay it forward to support future students. Nobody has to leave school - or move to silicon valley... and new wealth stays in the community.

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