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ARES Learning Overview

ARES Learning is a full time private school for learners in grades 9 through 12, with the first face-to-face campus in Irvine, California. ARES asks students “what problem do you want to solve?” and provides all the resources and systems necessary to generate innovative solutions… so kids are making a difference in their world while they go to school.

Through a flexible model offering distance education, blended learning, and face-to-face experiences, ARES places students at the center of solving the greatest challenges facing their communities both today and tomorrow. Here is a look at a student's typical day...


Mornings at ARES

Each morning, students begin their day in a blended learning environment focused on the core subjects of English, Social Studies, Math, Science, and more.  ARES  Learning offers an interactive modular curriculum that can be customized for each cadet, with highly trained credentialed faculty available to consult, tutor, and work directly with cadets as individuals or in small groups. This approach is more effective than traditional schools, without putting the burden of facilitating distance learning on parents. It is also more efficient, opening up the afternoon for more meaningful pursuits.

Afternoons at ARES


This is where the magic happens. After a collaborative Edison Lunch (where problems and ideas are shared to inspire creativity), students engage in a groundbreaking learning experience that combines STEM, science fiction as literature, traditional wayfinding, principles of flight, strategic simulations, ethical dilemmas, and relentless self-reflection to help them build the Explorer’s Mindset necessary to solve enormous and meaningful challenges when they enter the Moonshot Lab.


Throughout the week, students work their way through a highly engaging and empowering experience that prepares them for success in any community - on this planet or any other. To learn more about the different learning modules check out the Experience page!

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