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Earth and Space


Webinar For Educators


Teachers Train with a Planetary Scientist

Today’s second graders will graduate into a world where we have a permanent presence on the Moon, people have landed on Mars, and humanity is multi-planetary.
Students need you to prepare them now!

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Educators visit Spaceport America, sand dunes, lava flows, caves, and more
on a three-day astrogeology adventure!

Imagine having the confidence… to talk to your students about Earth and space science, whatever grade level or subject area you teach.


This webinar is the next step in gaining that confidence. Led by Dr. Kirby Runyon, a planetary geomorphologist who trains commercial astronauts, and Dr. Mark Wagner, a former classroom teacher and career education technologist who focuses on space education… this webinar makes their expertise accessible to you - and your students. 


This is an informational session focused on providing an in-depth overview of the three-day Earth and Space Experience for Educators planned for October 25 to 27 in New Mexico.

New Mexico has some astonishing planetary analog geologic field sites. Join this free webinar to learn about the geology at four locations, and how these sites are analogs for the Moon, Mars, Io, Venus and elsewhere in the solar system and beyond. The webinar will include testimonials of teachers who have joined us for our previous field experiences, and we'll provide all you need to know to make an informed decision about whether to join us on a future trip to New Mexico to go where the rocks live!

Participation in this webinar also includes access to free space education resources that you can take back to share with your students. You’ll be better preparing them for the growing space economy, and for humanity’s rapidly approaching multiplanet future. 

Jun 24, 2024, 1:00 PM PDT
This webinar will be hosted via Zoom.
Teachers Train with a Planetary Scientist
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