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A Spaceport Experience for Classrooms

Last week our co-founder, Mark Wagner, Ph.D., attended the Space Port Area Conference for Educators (SPACE) at Kennedy Space Center (KSC), which he had never visited before — despite being a lifelong space enthusiast himself. Most of the event was hosted in a building called the Center for Space Education, but how might these experiences be replicated in schools around the world that are not near enough for a field trip to KSC?

Learn more about the ARES Learning approach in the book Space Education: Preparing Students for Humanity's Multi-Planet Future by our co-founder Dr. Mark Wagner, and explore a complete Space Education Curriculum developed for high schools - it's a free and open education resource available to students, teachers, and enthusiasts everywhere.

Educators, sign up for online professional development based on the book and curriculum. Space is limited and registration ends soon!

Join the free online Space Educator Network for ongoing resources and discussion.

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