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A Message From Our Founders

A Message from

As the founders of ARES Learning, we understand that learning relies on relationships, and that the industry of education is no different - it’s a people business. We are both parents of school age children ourselves, and we’re both career educators, with experience in public classrooms, in academia, and in the private sector as successful entrepreneurs. That's why we're offering an introduction to ARES Learning for FREE in September 2020... so you can experience it in action!

The core ideas that have become ARES Learning have developed over decades, and especially over the past three years with the Moonshot Laboratory in Honolulu. We have increasingly felt we could offer a better choice to students in California, and now we’ve launched a new kind of school, right here in Irvine. In the midst of the pandemic, we’ve also discovered our methods are resilient, and lend themselves to a better more engaging distance learning experience for students, so we are excited to accept remote students from elsewhere as well.

In leading this new school, we each bring to bear over 20 years in education, with experience in teaching, formal research, curriculum development, and school administration. To supplement our subject area knowledge - and to bring in expert explorers and engineers, we tap into global networks of qualified educators and scientists to bring the most inspiring and empowering teachers from around the world to work directly with ARES Cadets. We look forward to meeting new parents and prospective cadets in the coming weeks... and we hope you'll fill out the interest form today.

Astra Inclinant. This is only the beginning...

Cadets at ARES prepare for the careers of their dreams... while they learn the skills and mindsets needed to face an uncertain future and solve challenging problems in any community - on this planet or any other.

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