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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

At ARES Learning, we know that launching a new era in education requires building trust. New forms of school, including true project-based learning, may be well backed by research and experts, but they are still unfamiliar to parents. And no parent (not even one who takes the initiative to seek out a new school) really wants to choose the next chapter in their child’s schooling based on a website, or even a conversation with the founders. They want to see it in action… only then can they witness the benefits for themselves - and only then will they enthusiastically recommend it to their friends, which is ultimately the path to growth for a new school community. This selection process is made even more difficult, multifaceted, and stressful in the current pandemic context and the necessity of beginning a school year with remote learning. So, with all this in mind, ARES Learning has a unique opportunity for parents of new students...

Participation in the ARES Learning experience is being offered for FREE in September 2020! The experience includes a morning focused on either a custom core curriculum OR support and tutoring for your existing school’s distance learning curriculum. It also includes an afternoon dedicated to the Launchpad Experience (that develops an explorer’s mindset) and the Moonshot Lab (when students work together to design their own solutions to challenging problems). In September, new students will get to participate fully in a thought provoking introduction to classic philosophy, a hands-on experience with the history of wayfinding, and an authentic design thinking process as they solve novel problems. The free introductory program is delivered entirely online, and any laptop should work well. This provides the answer to “what does my child do after they complete their school work in the first two hours of the day?”

The free month is available for NO COMMITMENT. This is truly an opportunity to try the ARES experience with no financial risk. You can also visit the tuition page today to see what the costs would be for the rest of the year. If your son or daughter doesn’t love the experience, or if it’s not a good fit for any reason, they can simply continue with their current school’s distance learning in October. Or as we expect will be more likely... once they’ve had a taste of how much better school can be, they can decide to continue on as an ARES Learning Cadet, either full-time or part-time. Their first tuition would be due for October, and would include a new laptop and Oculus Quest VR Headset, to allow exploration of even more exciting learning opportunities in the coming months.

Right now this offer is limited to only 20 students, so fill out the interest form today. We’ll follow up with additional information and an opportunity to book time for a chat. We'd love to answer all your questions - and to learn more about you, your child, and your shared hopes for their education.

Astra Inclinant. This is only the beginning...

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