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Developing Confidence with Discomfort

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

In the fifth episode of the Space Prize Speaker Series, Inspiration 4 Astronaut Chris Sembroski talked about the importance of developing confidence with discomfort... sharing anecdotes spanning from his high school education to his training for spaceflight. This confidence is an integral part of the explorer's mindset and being comfortable facing the unknown. How can educators (and parents) help students develop this mindset and this level of resilience?

At ARES Learning we focus on helping students develop the skill sets and mindsets they will need to be successful in a fast moving unpredictable future... where they will often be faced with the unknown, regardless of whether they work in the growing space economy or not.

Learn more about the ARES Learning approach in the book Space Education: Preparing Students for Humanity's Multi-Planet Future by our co-founder Dr. Mark Wagner, and explore a complete Space Education Curriculum developed for high schools - it's a free and open education resource available to students, teachers, and enthusiasts everywhere.

Educators, sign up for online professional development based on the book and curriculum. And be sure to register for the FREE online Space Education Summit on April 21, 2023.

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