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Learning Pods: A New Era in Education

From our founding, ARES Learning was designed to be an adaptive learning model that meets the constantly changing needs of students, parents and the communities within which they live, learn and serve. Counter to traditional, monolithic and resistant education models, ARES Learning is nimble in the face of change and is able to bend towards the needs of all stakeholders. This key design feature has never been more important than it is during today's pandemic crisis.

COVID-19 has shown our education system to be vulnerable in the face of its greatest challenge and parents are beginning to seek out safer, more resilient and more robust options for the fall. Buzz words like "pandemic pods" and "microschooling" are entering the lexicon and a new era in education is being born in living rooms across the country. ARES Learning is here to support those "pod families" and is ready to be their partner in the total transformation of the American education system.

The benefits of the ARES Learning Pod model:

  • Because we are an established learning center, ARES Learning is a 'turn key' solution to building your pods that takes the guess work out of questions surrounding curriculum, technology, pedagogy and legality.

  • A safe and affordable remote learning model that leverages cutting edge virtual learning technologies that foster empathy, collaboration, communication and problem solving.

  • Students can bring their district's distance learning program with them or they can opt into our customized, CA standards-based curriculum

  • Because we are a learning center we protect pod families against the immune response of their local schools and districts who view pods negatively

  • ARES is more than just a tutoring service or a replacement teacher. We provide a fun and engaging STEM & space science experience for students when their distance learning is complete.

What does a day at ARES Learning look like?

  • In the mornings, ARES Learning staff supports learning pods with tutoring, consultation and direct instruction in support of their district's distance learning program 

  • In the afternoons, students engage with cutting edge STEM programs that involve 3D design, app development, coding, space exploration, galactic literature, wayfinding, flight, rocketry and so much more.

  • The student experience culminates in the Moonshot Laboratory which places students at the center of solving some of the greatest challenges facing their communities and the world. 

A challenge as great as the one we are facing deserves a solution just as bold. We are proud to partner with families who are looking for the best opportunities for their children and are leading the way towards the next era in American education.

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