What are students doing during the Mobile App Design Challenge?

For three weeks, students are empowered with cutting edge tools and expert guidance to help them build mobile apps that solve huge problems facing their communities!


A great way for students grades 7 to 12 to develop 21st century skills!

Problem Solving

Empathetic & Ethnographic Research

Design Thinking 

Collaboration & Team Building

Wireframing & Rapid Prototyping

Embracing Failure

Presenting & Pitching Ideas



Design Thinking 

Students will begin the workshop diving into the Design Thinking process to build a mobile app solution to a huge problem facing their communities. Using a designer's mindset, students will plan and create logic maps for their applications. 



User Experience & User Interface Dev

Students begin the week learning the science of how users interact with mobile apps. Then they use their UX Design Kits (included for free!) to create a paper prototype ready for wireframing in Week 3! 


Prototyping & Pitching!

Using their paper prototypes from Week 2 students will build a functional wireframe using professional grade app development software. Also, students will develop and deliver a polished Elevator Pitch to showcase their apps during the Pitchfest on Thursday! The best app will receive prizes worth more than $150!

What is included with the cost of the challenge?

Designer's Toolkit
Designer's Toolkit
18 hours of live, remote instruction
18 hours of live, remote instruction
Prototyping Kit
Prototyping Kit
VR Team Collaboration
VR Team Collaboration
Wireframing Software
Wireframing Software
UX/UI Design Notebook
UX/UI Design Notebook

When does the challenge take place?

November 3rd, 4th & 5th

Week 1 - Design Thinking

Students use design thinking to understand the problem and the users to develop a mobile app solution.

November 10th, 11th & 12th

Week 2 - UX/UI Development

Students use their prototyping kits and design notebooks to create a paper prototype.

November 17th, 18th & 19th

Week 3 - Prototyping & Pitching

Students turn their paper prototypes into functional wireframes and pitch their apps!

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