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The Student Accelerator


A New Kind of School


ARES Learning engages students in the growing space economy through hands-on entrepreneurial education - from incubation through acquisition.


Students with the access to the right technology and support only need a few hours a day to complete their core curriculum. ARES Learning provides a way to engage with meaningful projects during the rest of the school week.


Just as medical science has come a long way in the past 100 years, so has education theory. ARES Learning has escaped the industrial age model of education and uses cutting edge practices to help kids learn in the ways most effective for them.


We know not every ARES Learning student will be an astronaut, space scientist, or engineer... this learning experience is for everyone. Space science affects more industries every year, and the same skill sets and mindsets needed by space explorers also support success in any field.



ARES Learning seemlessly blends the latest in collaborative online tools, virtual learning environments, and inspiring spaces on campus.

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